Thursday, 20 December 2012



  1. Then on December 27, 2011, SM revealed the 2nd member of EXO, which is Luhan.
  2. Xi Lu Han is the full name of Lu Han (루한 / 鹿 )
  3. Luhan positioned as the Lead Vocal and Lead Dancer, and he entered the EXO-subgroup M.
  4. Luhan was born on April 20, 1990. ± 178cm height. And his blood type is O.
  5. Haidian, Beijing (China) is Luhan’s origin.
  6. In 2008 he sang “I’m Letting You Go” and also “The Future In Love With You”
  7. Previously he was a trainee at JYPE, but in 2008 he moved to the SME as a trainee exchange
  8. Usually the trainees who come from China is easy to be bullied, but not with Luhan, it’s because of he is a typically easy-going person.
  9. Luhan once was a China-ulzzang.
  10. Luhan pretty good at playing video games. He could solve rubik cube for ± 2 minutes.
  11. Luhan has mostly girl friend.
  12. He likes listening to the music, he also likes exercising, especially nature-sport.
  13. Luhan had filming the MV together with XING.
  14. His trainee’s period is from April 2009 until December 2011.
  15. Luhan also very fond of traveling.
  16. Luhan sometimes act like a child, and he was quite proud of his flower boy image

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